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A trip to past - welcome to my blog

We live in an age of extremely fast consumption of extremely fast content. On top of that, content generated by artificial intelligence has also appeared, writing about any topic you want. It even writes poems about politicians.

I'm not going to judge any of that just yet because I don't want to be the classic loafer who thinks he's the smartest, draws unfounded conclusions and talks about how things used to be better. It's more likely that thing are yet to get better, that the pinnacle of progress is just at the door of the human race and that medicine, science and technology are yet to see their best days. It's also great that young people can earn money by creating content instead of going to work in coal mines.

However, in this busy and crazy reality, I can't resist the urge to say: what if I want more meaningful content? What if I want to read honest human opinions - right or wrong - instead of content made for clicks? I don't care what Chat GPT has to say about politicians and I don't care about some idle girl's morning routine crammed into less than 15 seconds.

All of this prompted me to buy a piece of the internet for myself, my thoughts, ideas and recipes. I will write a blog. I will go 15 years back in the past.

And so - welcome to my blog. Explore, search, read. Get in touch if you need anything. I'll make this a place to write about food and life, to share recipes, researches, thoughts and anecdotes. It will be a place of learning and broadening horizons. My task is to show the world that it is possible to eat very tasty without exploiting animals and that each individual has personal responsibility for his/her actions and their consequences.

Let's do this 💚🌱


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