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The person behind

Martina Đođo

(that's read like 'JoJo')

I started to mess around kitchen quite early, mostly trying to cook something I imagined, not read. Living with two Balkan parents and a grandma, that usually didn't end well - as all they wanted to eat was classic baked meat with potatoes. Dad still won't eat what I cook :D


I became vegan in my early 20s, and if someone told me earlier that it would happen, I would believe him. Love for animals and compassion with all living beings were always a part of me, so it was only logical path.


My interests are broad and not connected to each other (I'm a mess said nicely): running, hiking, yoga, cycling and bouldering - in that order; languages and writing; history, archaeology and mythology; human health and physiology; sustainability in all spheres of life. I studied math and computer science, and when I'm not cooking, I work as a software developer and digital sustainability manager at an agency I started with my friends - check us out!
If I would have to choose my studies again, I would choose medicine or history, but math did teach me how to think analytically, which is great. I still usually don't do it.

Mom to the best dog in the whole Universe - Pota.



Will debate politics and society after two glasses of wine.

Will dance after three.

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