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Privacy policy

So, there is this thing called privacy policy, and I have to inform you about it. EU & GDPR require so. Apart from that, I would like you to generally learn what it means. 

Why so serious?

Let me explain. Every time you come here, or at any website really, some of your data is collected. For example, web shops usually save your name, address, payment data and whatever you enter while purchasing. Your IP address is also saved, and your email if you enter it somewhere. Here at Cookie Djo, I will also collect some data.

Which data and why?

No worries, my friend. I don't do it to compromise you, and I won't take your credit card data. Not connected to me, but please: ALWAYS check the credibility of website where you make some payments. Okay, back to my business. All vanilla things I collect are:

  • count of how many times someone visited this website

  • information about timezone you're in

  • how much time you spent here

  • which recipes and articles got most clicks

  • other similar metrics

So, nothing personal?

That's right, metric only - for analytics purposes. The only personal thing is your email, if you enter it to my contact form. And I promise to use it only to reply to your message. If I start a newsletter, maybe I'll use it for that too. But you will want to read those.

What about cookies?

Cookies are amazing. Here's the recipe.

Cookies are also tiny pieces of code that are needed for a website to function normally. For example, when you accept or decline privacy policy, that information is saved so when you visit the same website next time, you won't need to do it again.


Some big companies use nasty cookies. Like the ones that monitor what you search across the Internet and then show you ads about it. So, my general advice is to do some research about your online behaviour, targeting and other digital privacy stuff. Protect yourself in this online world.

If you want to know more, drop me a line at

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