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About March and waffles

Welcome, April! Here's a short story about March. 🌸

I don't usually write stories about months of my life, but this one was wild. Here's a summary: I thought about quitting my job, I quit my job, I started my own company with my friends, I was in a competition, I was in a podcast, I held my first culinary workshop, I tried gluten free, and I got hooked on waffles.

Wanna know more? Sure you do.

To quit or not to quit

For those who don't know me - I work as a software developer. That's a great job. I can work remotely, I can take my dog to the office, I can code cool websites, and I can do it from my couch. But lately I wasn't motivated so I procrastinated a lot, which led me to waking up every day at 5 to finish the job I needed to do by 9. I thought of it as a phase, like Spring is coming or some other meteoropathic complaint. I also thought that maybe I needed to change the agency, just to shake things up a little bit. But I also didn't want to go through a new start, you know - meeting a bunch of new people, going to six different rounds of job interviews, being overly polite and a bit confused.

One day after a yoga class I ran into a friend and we had the usual "I'm not crazy about my job" chit-chat. She said she wanted to talk to me and rushed to her yoga class. Two days later she texted:

Hey, me & J want to open our own digital agency. We would like you to join us. Let's meet?

And the rest is history. A few days later I quit my job. I have two more weeks there as I have to close some projects or transfer them to other colleagues, but we already started with work at our new agency. So now I do doubles. And what do you do when your schedule is full and you're sleep deprived? You organize a workshop.

My first culinary workshop

Now when it's done, I'm happy I did it. But at some point I thought to myself: Martina, you crazy self-masochistic bitch.

Joke aside, days around the workshop were hard; not only because of work, but also because of the anxiety if the workshop will be fully booked and how it'll go. When the moment came, it was beautiful.

All the people were amazing, the atmosphere was filled with great energy, laughs and good food. The theme was "Vegan Easter table" - even though I'm not a person of religion, I wanted to show how good and rich your holiday menu can be without using any animal products. I believe it was a success.

Once again shoutouts to my supporters: Oleum Viride Belić, PlantOn, BiteMe, Annapurna, Spicy Days, and Eurocompany99. Their products are amazing, and so was my workshop goodie bag.

Let's squeeze in a podcast

In all that rush I didn't prepare for a podcast I'd been called to. Guys from Croatian mostly sports related Podcast 8 24 asked me to come and talk about veganism. Going live was way outside my comfort zone, but Robert the host was a good interlocutor and we ended up talking for more than 2 hours.

So if you'd like to hear more about veganism, its reasons, common myths, debunking those myths, and more - the podcast episode is here.

I gesticulated a lot. My friends made memes.

What about waffles?

In my 27 years of life I had never had homemade waffles. For some unknown reason I started to think about that often, so one day in this beautiful March I went to a store and bought a waffle machine. Now we eat waffles every other day. I am fully aware that this isn't breaking news you maybe needed - but what is, really?

Anyways, thanks for stopping by. Expect waffle recipes. I wish you a nice April. We got this!


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