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Veganuary is a one-month challenge that has been taking place all over the world for many years and is based on the participants eating only vegan food throughout January. January was chosen because a lot of people are motivated to start forming new habits with the new year.

Vegan organizations around the world are offering help and guidance through the challenge. One example is Veganuary England, while for Balkan region there is Super Izazov 22.

Motivated by a desire to help someone who is thinking about trying veganism, I created a free guide in January 2022 that contains guidelines, tips, recipes and a meal plan for the entire month. The guide became a hit, with more than 5 thousand downloads. It's in Croatian, but you can download it too:

Next time I'll write it in both English and Croatian. Until then you can explore my recipes on this page. If you wanna know more, I suggest these documentaries:

  • David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

  • Seaspiracy

  • Kiss the Ground

  • Earthlings

  • Cowspiracy

  • Forks over Knives

Of course - trying out veganism is not limited to January. In fact, feel free to prepare all the recipes at any time, and if you need help, just contact me.

Some of the reasons for trying veganism are saving animals, reducing environmental pollution and improving personal health. Need more reasons? :)


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