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Vegan egg replacements

Eggs are usually used to hold the ingredients together. They are vital for the structure and stability of the final product and act as emulsifiers to help bring liquids, oils, and dry ingredients together. They also simultaneously add moisture to recipes. The balance of eggs and flour determines how dense or light the cooked goodies will be.

It might seem like a tough job to replace eggs in some dishes, but it's not.

Let's dive in.

Ground flax seeds or ground chia seeds

When a recipe like cookies needs one or two eggs, ground seeds are a perfect substitute. They must be ground, as their micronutrients absorb better that way, and they don't mess with the structure.

The formula is one egg = 1 tbsp ground flax/chia seeds + 3 tbsp warm water.

Not only that this mixture will provide the stability you need - it will also improve the nutritive profile of your vegan cookies, brownies, and muffins.

Mashed apple or mashed banana

Another great option for sweets like brownies and muffins is mashed fruit - apple or banana, to be precise. To replace one egg, use one apple or half of a banana and mash it, then mix it with wet ingredients (oil, plant milk, nut butter, ...). Finally, add dry ingredients (flour, cocoa powder, chocolate pieces, baking powder, ...), mix and bake!

Mashed apple works as an egg replacement

Silken tofu

Silken tofu is a special form of tofu - having silky and smooth, but firm texture. It's great as an egg replacement in creams such as vegan cheesecake cream, or in savory pies and quiches. One pack of silken tofu is usually around 400 grams, which replaces 4 eggs.

Vegan yogurt

This is another good option, especially if you don't want to add any fruity flavor to your bakes. Works for cake sponges, waffles, pancakes and crepes. 150 ml of yogurt replaces one egg.


Aquafaba is the liquid you see in your chickpea can. It may seem strange, but that liquid has a similar macronutrient profile as egg whites, and if you whip it, you'll get meringue, the same as from egg whites! Whipped, it's perfect for adding stability and structure to any recipe. It also makes a great mousse.

One egg white is replaced with three tbsp of aquafaba. Next time you open a can of chickpeas, don't waste that precious liquid - make a cake!

Vinegar plus baking soda

Oh, the good old trick. So, in most cake recipes, eggs are only needed for leavening. When baked, they provide the airy structure and lower the density of a cake. In that case, the perfect alternative is a combination of vinegar and baking soda. Maybe you remember from chemistry classes - mixing an acid with a base makes bubbles, and that's exactly what's going on here. Replace each egg with a tbsp of vinegar mixed in your wet ingredients and a 1/4 tsp of baking soda mixed with your dry cake ingredients (don't mix them directly).

Chickpea flour

Here comes the perfect eggless scramble! A batter made of chickpea flour, water and some spices goes a long way in mocking scrambled eggs. Great for breakfast, and also great for quiches and as an ingredient of vegan burger patties. Two tablespoons of it work as one egg.

Store-bought vegan egg powders

And, of course, you can probably find these in many vegan or healthy food stores. If you do, just use it as instructed on its packaging.

mashed banana or mashed apple

for brownies, muffins, cookies

ground flax or chia seeds + water

for cakes, vegan burger patties

silken tofu

for creams like vegan baked cheesecake

vegan yogurt

for cakes and savory pies


for meringues

vinegar + baking soda

for sponge cakes

chickpea flour

for scramble, quiche, frittata

store-bought egg replacements

as instructed


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